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our classic morkies

Morkie Sister PuppiesWe call our Morkies "Classic" as they come from 2 purebred parents, one Maltese and one Yorkshire Terrier. They are also known as F1 Morkies or first generation Morkies. We also ensure the studs are T-cups with a "teddy bear face". This creates our Classic Morkie, they all turn out similar, litter after litter.

A Morkie is a great dog if you live in the city as they are small enough to exercise in a condo, and super smart, easy to teach as well as being independent and self reliant. That is, a well trained and cared for Morkie will guard the house while you are away, and not shred everything in nervous defiance.

Pictured below are our Morkies at 2, 4 and 6 months of age. Visit our Gallery for more pics.

Morkie Puppy at 2 months

We only have a couple of Classic Morkie Terrier litters per year and they rarely make it to the public advertising platforms, so if you are serious about getting your paws on one we suggest putting your name on the wait list here.

2 sizes of Morkie PuppiesOur Morkies are classed as a toy breed and typically range in sizes from 4-8 pounds. On occasion we also have a t-cup size, or under 4 pounds. When our Morkies are born they all look very similar, they start black with white bellies and lighten up to a blue silver with gold and white highlights.  A blond, chocolate or white Morkie is an F2 or F3 designer puppy where the parents are both Morkies or one parent has a mix of another similar small breed such as Toy Poodle, Havanese, Pomeranian or Shih Tzu.

They have white and gold markings at birth, and of course they come in various sizes. White markings have appeared as a half-mask (pictured below), a forehead stripe, tail tip, booties, chest bib and/or ear tips. We often give our Morkies nicknames based on these markings, some memorable puppies have been 3-boot, Phantom (as in opera), 2-boot (less original than 3-boot) and Whitestripe (least original)

By the time they are 4 weeks they are curious, growing soft hair and getting their sea-legs

At 5 weeks they are active and playful, posing for pictures and getting socialized

And they only get more and more cute as they get older

Morkie Litter

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Our research on the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier

Maltese puppy on a cloudThe Maltese seems to have originated from the Island of Malta, bred for the purpose of indoor house guard and repelling rodents. The breed became popular as a house dog and family pet in the aristocrats of the UK and was also brought to America. The Maltese is very empathic and forms a fierce loyal bond with its family, and does not respond well to aggressive training methods. If they feel their family or pack is threatened they will bark and even bite, size seems irrelevant to them. Maltese grow a long white straight coat of hair that does not shed and requires daily brushing. They have black noses, lips and footpads and may have light cream colored patches, or lemon markings.


Yorkie puppy on a cloudThe Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie as they a often called,  originated in Great Britian, bred for the purpose of clearing rats from mines. Although small, a Yorkie is spirited and alert, displaying the terrier ancestry. The Yorkie is an independent yet a very devoted companion; and, despite the small size, is always more than willing to protect their family. They are playful, inquisitive, intelligent, friendly and willing to please. A Yorkie also grows a long straight coat of hair that does not shed and may require daily grooming for soft coats and every other day for a more wiry coat. They have blue coats with silver highlights and gold markings, typically on the ears, eyebrows, muzzle and legs. With some Yorkies the silver highlights are very prominent and they appear more like a Silky Terrier or even a Morkie

A Morkie puppy from Puppy Love Connection is bred from stock with desirable traits, good genetics and we make heavy use of initial environment factor, both for the mother dog and the new pups. In doing so we always strive to combine the best qualities of these 2 remarkable breeds, ending up with a loyal and smart, go-anywhere family dog.


Are you ready for a Morkie puppy in your life?

 Here's the link to the wait list form

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