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Morkie Puppy KissesThe Puppy Love Connection Hobby Breeder Network is an ever growing group of family dog breeders. We all love our dogs dearly, they are members of our family, living alongside us, and loving us in return. It is our intent to provide the same loving companionship to others via breeding our young females with integrity and matching their puppies to quality homes.

Puppy Love Connection only accepts local breeders into the network. We do not import our puppies for sale, we are dedicated to homegrown pups, and supporting the BC economy. A typical network family has children or grandchildren who participate in the whelping/raising process.  Each family generally has 1 to 3 dames and uses our select network t-cup studs, who are also family pets. The health and happiness of these well-loved babies is abundantly obvious; our families will be the first to ask you to come for a visit and see. 

Our stud service is premium, only the top male purebred of each breed with desirable traits in every category makes the cut. Sire's in our network are small, cute, plush, genetically sound, and well loved with wonderful temperaments. They also carry the coveted teacup gene, and can pass it along. Each hobby breeder specializes in one or dog two breeds and is dedicated to the health and happiness of their dogs first, and breeding them second. A hobby breeder in our network also benefits from the vast amount of knowledge acquired by our longtime breeders. You are in good hands!

Do you qualify as a local hobby breeder? If you would like to join our network and meet our strict requirements then check out our hobby breeding page and fill out the form. Please be advised that we require a meeting with your family and your dogs in your home as part of the application process.

We have many breeders within our network, using many advertising venues, so be sure to fill out a profile to help us find your perfect puppy. _______________________________________________________________________

Looking for even more information about us? We love to write about our puppies and the various litters we have seen over the years. We also have lots of pictures and videos we sort through and post online.

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